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They were the fun couple, always opening up their home for friends and family. The is car silent, with no noise but the faint hum of the tires beneath us. His profile is soft, outlined only by the blue glow of the dashboard.

Small boned, brown wavy hair to his shoulders, blue eyes and an engaging smile. The Alien space ship had been hovering over earth for a month watching the human race and the aliens were not happy at what they were seeing and decided to put things right and make those doing evil things pay back for their wrong doings.

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At lunch time Dillon found me in the construction trailer and asked … //14 year old Audrey experiences new feelings when home alone with her dog Benji// //This is my first story please leave me feedback on how it was and what I could do better. The shopping centre was packed with people doing their Christmas shopping, it was a very busy time for the shopping centre.